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Purebuds earbuds one word review: Amazing
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The blasting sound of most earbuds can potentially damage your sensitive ear drums in which could lead to hearing loss. Purebuds utilizes the revolutionary Reverse Sound Technology to keep your ears feeling safe and listening safe, all day long. The innovative design of the Purebuds channel the sound away from your ear drums for crystal clear audio reproduction reducing the likelihood of potential ear damage. Purebuds delivers you just that, pure & safe sound.

Purebuds goes one step further to deliver you an incredible digital audio listening experience with the special effect audio enhancements it provides. Your Purebuds Headphones come with three different earbud tips. While conventional earbuds provide some earbud tips in a vague attempt to give a variation in size or comfort, we've decided to turn the earbud world on it's ear, so to speak. Each earbud tip provides a different audio ambiance effect, allowing you to customize your listening experience without having to buy three pairs of specialized headphones. No matter which tip you choose, you can rest assured that our innovative "Safe-Sound" technology will bring you pure sound. You can enjoy the following environmental audio effects:

Surround Sound
This earbud tip provides a simulated surround sound experience, allowing you to get the most from your portable player.
Bass Boost
This earbud tip brings you the thumping bass that you'd normally only get by strapping a subwoofer to the side of your head.
Full Range
This earbud tip provides a smooth, crystal clear audio experience covering all the high, mids, and lows.


Overall the Purebuds deliver you the latest technology for a more pure & safe listening experience with the reverse sound technology, customizeable earbud tips so you can choose your audio environment, and accessories. Digital earbuds like these will cost you $100+  from leading manufacturers so with our special pricing of $49.99 this is an amazing value. When you buy direct with us you also enjoy Free Shipping. So what are you waiting for? Give the Purebuds revolutionary audio experience a try. You can click here to buy direct & save!


Purebuds earbuds one word review: Amazing” - Read what the media has to say about Purebuds!


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* FREE shipping USPS ground For USA & Canada only

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